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Kya kya~~Lovely Wataru >.< <3 and new fanart site

KKYYaaaa MUST MAKE A WEBSITE!!!! I want to make a new site so bad, so i can reorganize my fanarts again -_-, there is not much wataru sites out there...I guess I have to make a japanese site again, since most of the Wataru sites are Japanese sites. My new site will contains these fanarts:

1) Majin Eyuuden Wataru (well duh.)
2) Hunter X Hunter (my love for this will never die)
3) Blackjack and other work by Osamu Tezuka
4) My original works
Well maybe these as well
5) Yu Yu Hakushou
6) The Lord of the Rings and some Harry Potter
7) Other Jump Manga--Hikaru no Go, Death Note, Shaman King, Pyuu to fuku! Jagaur, etc.

I have it planned out already!!! The problem is I DUN HAVE TIME!!!!! School has taken about all my time this semester...because this semester is so sos soooo important for me....anyway, I will try to make the website a.s.a.p. but reli dunno when will it be -_-;;;;

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He is LOVE!!!!! KYA KYA WATAWATA!!! o(>A<)o

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